Various Definitions of Tribal Democracy

In this page, we collect various statements by Sem karoba as the source of the concept and the name and what Nelson Mandela has said as his source of inspiration, in order to make it easy for the world to understand the face of Democracy in a Free and Independent nation-state where Tribal Communities run their governments in modern bureaucracy.

Tribal Democracy is:

  1. Democracy for All Communities of Beings (demokrasi untuk segenap komunitas makhluk)
  2. Democracy by Human Beings for All Communities of Beings (Demokrasi oleh makhluk manusia untuk Segenap Komunitas Makhluk)
    1. a form of government in which state-power is held not by majority of human citizens only, but of all Communities of Beings.
    2. a system of governance
  3. Democracy that is Based Upon Tribal System,
  4. Democracy that is Based Upon traditional Ways of Life and ancient Wisdom;
  5. A System of Governance that embraces or enbridges Tribal Values into Modern Cultures;
  6. “democracy from all communities of Beings, by all communities of Beings, and for All Communities of Beings with their Planet Earth;
  7. In other words, it is a “democracy” that is run not only by Human Beings, but by all Communities of Beings.